Review of Lotus Asia Casino

Lotus Asia online casino puts its heart on its sleeve, which is immediately apparent when loading the main page. We’re in the Far East, the world’s most technologically sophisticated area, and you instantly feel enthusiastic about how fantastic this trip is going to be.

Or at least that is how it should feel, however the landing page itself is less inspired than one could anticipate in terms of the casino’s ethos. There is just one standard-sized banner picture on the page, with the remainder rendered in a somewhat melancholy shade of green, creating the appearance of an out-of-date website for a conference room at an independent hotel that is in desperate need of an upgrade.

To be fair, it is somewhat severe. In reality, it simply looks a bit dull. However, it is not completely off-putting, and happily, in comparison to many other casinos, you are not required to spend an excessive amount of time in this section of the site. Nonetheless, it pays to do so, since a brief survey of the choices shows the following about Lotus Asia: members are handsomely rewarded, supplemental promos are available, live chat is available for help, and the banner seems to offer some genuinely fun-looking games.

Online or on a desktop computer

Lotus Asia undoubtedly lives up to its namesake continent’s reputation for high-tech gaming. From the main page, you may download for Windows, Mac, or smart phone/tablet, which provides a more streamlined, or at the very least smoother gaming experience for many more frequent visitors.

If this is your first visit and you’re still on the fence about whether or not to make this a regular trip due to the hideous shade of green, we’d definitely suggest starting with the Instant Play section, which leads you to a game archive that mimics an old school console platform menu screen. Alternatively, it may be the instructional speech boxes.


While the term ‘tutorial’ may be a touch exaggerated, Pacific Asia excels in making new tourists feel at ease. You cannot access any games without the site demonstrating or attempting to demonstrate how to do so. If this is not for you, click the regular Close Window X button in the speech bubble’s upper right corner.

We do encourage taking the tour, since certain items may be unknown, and it’s always a good idea to get acquainted properly. For instance, there are various methods for selecting a game to play, some of which need dragging and dropping, while others require clicking or scrolling, and this alone might be disorienting if you mistakenly mix different techniques without understanding what the buttons or gestures accomplish.

Let the Competitions Begin

Additionally, the instructional informs viewers about the several methods in which they may compete against others. Tournaments are organized on a regular basis in all of the disciplines available. Thus, you may win large and compete against the globe in a variety of games, including Video Slots, Table Games, Classic Slots, and Video Poker, to mention a few.

Additionally, the game selection page contains a News/Promotions column in the upper right corner, which is a rolling ticker that displays ongoing victories from other players, but also gives you bonuses for playing certain games at specific times, as well as other promotions.

Select Your Weapon

This is quite overpowering, if that is a word. There is almost too much variety on Lotus Asia to believe. A convenient feature is the Featured Slot on the right side of the screen, which displays animations for selected games that are presently popular and attracting a lot of attention.

This is how we came upon Small Soldiers, one of the greatest games we encountered while evaluating this casino. However, you need not fear if you’re seeking for anything more serious than a cartoon-themed five-reeler. There are reels upon reels of serious card and table games to get your teeth into, so the overarching theme seems to be go out and gamble.

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