A Boost for Loto-Quebec Comes from Online Gambling

It is a phenomenon that has been documented in the past by a great number of countries. Gambling online not only serves its own purpose, but also has a tendency to provide a much-needed boost to other forms of betting, such as land-based casino games and national betting games like lotteries. Online gambling serves not just itself, but also other forms of betting, such as lotteries. Loto-Quebec, the operator of a provincial lottery in Canada, is the most recent company to announce an increase in revenue income as a direct result of activities related to online betting that take place in the country. The operator is now in a position to forecast an enhanced revenue outlook for the years 2017-2018 as a result of this.

Profits Have Noticeably Gone Up As A Result

Loto-Quebec has announced an increase in net earnings of an outstanding 8.5%, while also reporting a 3.7% gain in overall revenue. The operator has claimed that there has been an improvement in the financial situation of the company across the entirety of its scope of trade. It was the performance of online gaming that truly made heads turn and figures turn, having improved to a staggering 37.5% (up from 29.7%) during the course of the previous fiscal year from where it had been at 29.7%. Having said all of this, it is interesting to note that the operator’s section is online gambling, which is run through the EspaceJeux.com platform. The various channels fared quite well on their own; for example, revenue from online casinos increased by 40.6% to reach C$64.3 million, and sales of online lottery tickets continued their upward trend, showing a 34% increase to reach C$53.7 million. These are impressive numbers by any standard.


Combining Our Strengths

The operator’s earlier decision to consolidate all of its online betting activities and products, including lotteries, casinos, Bingo, Poker, and sports betting, under a single brand at the beginning of this year has been vindicated by the significant rise in revenue that has been generated as a consequence of this move. Products based on the lottery continue to be the principal source of revenue generation, accounting for revenue income that is greater than $1.88 billion! Loto-Quebec’s four casinos reported a combined total of sales of $906.9 million Canadian Dollars. This is an amazing 8.1% growth over the same time last year, which itself represents a considerable increase from the previous year’s levels. The very encouraging piece of news is that the dividend contribution to the public income system in Canada climbed by 8.7%, reaching a total of C$1.31 billion. The gaming sector that is responsible for the income is often guaranteed a level of security back to the country since countries are less likely to make big changes to gambling regulations when the gaming business is accountable for the country’s income. The gaming sector is, in effect, contributing economically to the country an amount equal to the advantages gained by an operator as a result of the provisions of national legislation. The growth of online gambling in Canada has undoubtedly contributed to the country’s GDP.

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