Gems Gone Wild is a Starburst-like slot developed by R7 in collaboration with Red Tiger, and it features an expanded Power Reels range.

Truth be said, it’s not a particularly thrilling game, despite the fact that it’s not quite as risqué as some other ‘Gone Wild’ genres.

Most of the other Power Range slots make use of a unique selling proposition to attract customers. A novel feature that makes you say, “Well, the rest of the game might not be amazing, but at least it’s got X.” while comparing it to similar games. It isn’t immediately clear in Gems Gone Wild what that could be, so let’s do some exploring to find out.

The initial impression isn’t horrible; it’s rather simple but has a great swirl in space feel. The music for the visuals is a typical housey/jazzy/funk score for a space themed slot. The soundtrack complements the game well; it’s enjoyable without being particularly memorable.

A Power Reels slot machine can look complicated at first glance if you’ve never played one before. The sheer magnitude of it can be shocking, like seeing the Burj Khalifa for the first time. There’s a lot to see, what with the 8-reel width and 6-row height. The grid may be huge, but there are only 30 active paylines.

No one will argue with your assessment that this sounds under-armed, but Gems Gone Wild does feature a payment structure that helps alleviate some of the concerns. The first rule to remember is that a winning combination consists of three or more consecutive matching symbols.

Anywhere on a payline can be the lucky spot for a winning combination. It’s not called “Book of Gems Gone Wild” for nothing, so they have to be close together. But, a paying combination may sit on reels 3, 4, 5 for example, or reels 6, 7, 8 let’s say. Also, since there are multiple reels, it is acceptable for there to be multiple winners on a pay line. So numerous symbol kinds can trigger payments from a single payline.

Players can choose from 10 p/c minimum and $/€20 maximum bets every spin, making this a medium-volatility slot machine. Meanwhile, RTP has fallen since Zeus Lightning, and is now below 96%, at 95.68%.

Although it is said that size does not matter, it appears to be the case on the Gems Gone Wild paytable. All eight standard payout icons are gemstones, and as you move up the payscale, the jewels grow larger and more precious. The maximum payout comes from the golden circle and requires eight of a kind to win 75 times the initial wager. The wild is the only other icon in the game. The wild symbol’s primary function is to stand in for other pay symbols when necessary. Since a payline can have multiple symbol combinations, wilds will only replace the highest earning symbol.

Power Reel Gems Gone Wild – Special Functions

The few bonuses in Gems Gone Wild are focused on wild symbols, both in the form of Super Wilds and Locked Wilds. Super Wilds can come on any spin, and when they do, they fill a whole reel with wild icons. Sometimes 2×2 or 3×3 Super Wilds will appear.

The Locked Wilds feature can be activated at any time by the appearance of wild symbols. If additional wilds come on the next spin, the existing wilds will remain in place and form new winning combinations. Otherwise, the previous wild symbols will be removed from the reels, and play will resume normally.

Results from the Power Reels of Wild Gems

Among the Power Reels lineup of games, Gems Gone Wild is among the least intriguing options available. There just isn’t much to do or cross your fingers for. There is nothing particularly exciting about this slot machine, and that’s because there is no bonus round or free games.

There has always been some extra feature in the other Power Reels slot machines that could tempt a player to stick around. Phoenix Fire had the good looks, Zeus Lightning the high RTP, and Five Star the outstanding potential. The game that manages to deviate from the norm and turn everything into “meh” is clearly Gems Gone Wild.

The big reel setup is nice, but the game’s limited paylines and lack of further features make up for it. Ok, so winning combos can start on any reel, but Gems Gone Wild ends up like a 10-foot basketball player who can’t dribble or shoot. It won’t take long for gamers to master catching zees unless they’re not into the subject.

However, it’s evident that Red Tiger is an experienced studio, so there will always be an audience for Gems Gone Wild. It’s quick and easy to play, and the Locked Wild feature has the potential to award 3,000 times the stake on any spin if it hits.

Unless locked wilds/re-spin features and interstellar gems blow your mind, you probably won’t be interested in this game.

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