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Kirk Whipple
Jun 14, 2017
So I had an old review of one star, back with previous ownership, which was terrible. The last two months or so, have by far been the best. Andrew (I believe the asst manager) has been a total overhaul from the formers. Things have drastically improved in a short time, rent has gone down, and it's just turned into a better all around experience. The staff is amazing, the maintenance is prompt and good, all of it just better. They truly seem to be doing things right now and making sure resident have the best living experience possible. I sure hope it stays that way! Look forward to living here for another year at least!
Moi Chatterjee
Jun 13, 2017
I have been staying here for 1yr now and I have renewed my lease again. This is a great condo for it is spacious & the quietude is what I like as a grad student. It has walmart & other restaurant & shops in close vicinity. Moreover its on the frequent Northwest Texas Tech bus route. The previous management was kind of rude, but the new management they are just awesome and so helpful. They even let me choose all my roommates (two of them were referred by me & another friend is already a resident here). Maintenance requests have a negligible turnaround time. All the units are equipped with its own washer,dryer, dishwasher, unlike many other apartment you don't have to worry about sharing. The pools & jacuzzi, game room & clubhouse are just to make you living experiences great. I don't like the gym though, it has a lot of equipments but all are put in close vicinity. The gym overlooks the pool. Overall, if you asked my opinion I couldn't give anything above 2 star but now my experience is like 10 out of 5 star. ���
Becca Brianne Miller
Jun 13, 2017
I've been here at gateway for almost a year. I signed another year lease. This place has been vet accommodating. My service dog was welcomed with open arms. If I ever have a repair needed in my apartment it's fixed within a week. They also do not mind helping you with other things. Like lifting heavy fish tanks or helping me mount the tv to the wall. They take you complaints seriously. They try to fix whatever the issue is immediately. This place is also kept really clean. Having landscapers cleaning once a week. They have an awesome pool with a bunch of BBQ to help with a fun weekend. Not to mention the fitness center is open 24/7. The apartment areas are gated so only you or your guests can get in. All I can say is that I love this place!
Madison Warren
Jun 13, 2017
I have loved my time at gateway thus far! When I moved in, my specific apartment wasn't in the best shape, so the new management team took care of it right away. They made sure that everything was replaced that needed it and that I felt like I could make it home. Before moving in I was originally supposed to have a roommate, but at the last minute she decided to live somewhere else and so that left me with living with a random person. I haven't had the best experience with roommates so I was kind of in a bind. We talked to the front desk and management and they helped us come up with a solution to where I could still live at gateway but not have to worry about roommates. I am so thankful that they were willing to work with me and my family in that way- it was an enjoyable process the entire way coming up with that solution. Every worker I have come in contact with is so nice! You always hear that the people in the office/maintenance make the experience what it is, and that is so true!! I cannot tell you how many times I had to call to get help with my mailbox but every time they came and helped with a smile on their face. Any problem I've had there was a solution already there or created. The workers in the office and the maintenance crew are one of the biggest reasons why I'm staying here...when you're good at your job, people notice, and it keeps them around. I feel safe. I don't feel uneasy walking around the complex or area. Safety was one of my (and my dads) biggest concerns when I moved to Lubbock, but there hasn't been a day where I was like "wow. I shouldn't be here". And to me, that's super awesome. I have a cat, and since day 1 she has been welcomed with open arms. If she comes in the office or if workers come to my apartment, I know she is looked out for...and that gives me peace of mind knowing that the animal I love is welcomed and loved right back. You really can't beat the prices and distance away from campus. I wanted something that was far enough away from campus to where I felt like I had a life away from school, but also close enough to where I could drive and it wouldn't take me forever to get there...and something that would fit in my price range. Lubbock apartments can get pretty pricey, especially if you live alone and have a pet, so finding one with both things I wanted made me feel like I hit the jackpot. If there is something wrong with the apartment, I know that it will get taken care of by maintenance as soon as they can get to it. A complex is only as good as their maintenance crew, and gateway has a stellar crew working for them.
Andrea Irizarry
Jun 12, 2017
Lived at Gateway for 4 years and never had any serious issues. I lived in a 2 bedroom and was very pleased with how things were, super "home-y". I would recommend Gateway to someone who wants to be close to Tech without all of the noise and traffic of game days. Staff was very helpful to the best of their abilities.
James Brush
Jun 12, 2017
Gateway apartments exceeded my expectations of an apartment complex. The amenities are great, and I especially love having a washer and dryer in the apartment! The maintenance team responds quickly and does good work. Now that Tiffany Cook has taken over management of Gateway, any problem that arises is solved quickly and effectively. Although this apartment complex is marketed toward college students, I would recommend it to anyone.
Lauren Record
Jun 12, 2017
I've been here since January and just resigned until July 2018. The apartments are spacious and nice for the price. Wifi is available everywhere which is awesome. Everyone I have met is super friendly, including the management. I had a really bad roommate situation at first, but they found the best fix for us and got us moved without a problem. Overall I've had a really great experience.
Lynsie Gomez
Jun 12, 2017
I personally love living at Gateway in Lubbock! The complex has made many improvements in my 2 years of living here (coming up on my third). It's a great location, great prices, and great staff. The people working here always make sure you're taken care of as soon as you walk into the front office. I would recommend Gateway if your looking for affordable and quality living!
Rohan Patil
Jun 12, 2017
I have been staying at Gateway at Lubbock from past year and have renewed my lease for next year already. My experience till now have been very good. The apartments are spacious and rooms are quite large. The apartment complex in itself is very large with ample space between two buildings, have jogging trails and lots of greenery. With apartments being fully furnished and open internet available, I really didn't have to get much stuff when I moved to Lubbock. Till now my experience with leasing office staff has been very smooth and my concerns have been addressed in Timely manner. I would definitely recommend (Few of my friends have already moved in) gateway at Lubbock to anyone who is looking for a decent accommodation which is appropriately priced and is relatively Quiet.
Troy Symons
Jun 06, 2017
Great place to live, I just wish they would stop advertising their "pool". Like how are you going to advertise the pool while it's been shut down for the last two weeks... makes no logical sense
Jessica Kundert
May 18, 2017
I lived here in the 2015-2016 school year and I'm not going to lie it was pretty bad in the beginning. When I was first moving in, they did not have my keys ready and I had to wait an hour for them to have my key ready. Also when I first moved in, the keys they gave me didn't work and I had to ask for a new one four times and they still didn't work so they eventually had to change the lock. My bed was also broken when I moved in and the washer and dryer were not working. However, during the second half they switched to new management and it improved a lot. They were always filling out maintenance requests and the office staff was really friendly! So I would give it 1 star for the first half and 4 stars for the second half so overall 3 stars!
Matthew Thompson
Nov 22, 2016
amazing place to live. would recommend it for anyone looking for a place to live
Jay Alvarado
Nov 21, 2016
Robert Barraza
Nov 18, 2016
I started living here July of 2016. After going through new ownership this place has done nothing but IMPROVED! Amazing internet! Friendly and beautiful staff! Do not let the reviews fool you! This place is worth it!
Keely Maddux
Nov 17, 2016
I love living here! My roommates and I have had many questions and their staff has answered and have been so professional and helpful! Apartments are clean and well kept and problems are handled fast and pain-free!!
Mariah Ann Mesa
Nov 17, 2016
They have been absolutely great about everything! Any problems or issues have been solved immediately and they really care about the individuals living here. I have had nothing but great service at gateway. I would definitely recommend gateway to anyone! The four bedroom is incredibly spacious!
Lizzy Hill
Nov 14, 2016
Love it here!
Jessica Lee Bornstein
Nov 08, 2016
I love gateway!! Lived here for almost 3 years!! Going to stay here till I graduate!!!�
Dominique Nidiffer
Nov 07, 2016
Faith McDaniel
Nov 07, 2016
Huy Pham
Nov 07, 2016
Absolutely recommended. I have been living here for a bout a year. People here are very friendly especially the team management. Bus stop is just very convenient. And 2x2 floor plan is recommended here
Dee Turner
Nov 07, 2016
Great place to live and the people that work the office are very nice and wonderful.
GaryDon Derryberry
Nov 06, 2016
Love dealing with Tiffany! Always the nicest and most helpful!! Highly recommend!
Adrian Hernandez
Nov 06, 2016
Just moved here from the Dallas area and am loving this place. Staff has been very helpful and the amenities are awesome!
Dustin Roe
Nov 05, 2016
Tiffany and staff are great!!! Campus is always clean and well kept. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new place!
Alisa Braly
Nov 04, 2016
Jayme Dian Kennedy
Nov 04, 2016
Gateway at Lubbock is the place to be if you are looking for a quality place with a staff that genuinely cares about their residents happiness. Tiffany is an amazing manager who cares about her residents and will go above and beyond for them. They have put a ton of money into upgrades to ensure the property is one of the best. If you need student housing check this place out. You will fall in love!
James Mitchell
Nov 04, 2016
Tiffany and the staff are top notch. Very attentive and always took care of my neighbors and I. If I ever go back to apartment life this would be my choice.
Jerrod Harper
Nov 04, 2016
Tiffany and the crew were extremely helpful and the move in was painless. Highly recommend this complex.
Bailey Elaine Wuthrich
Nov 04, 2016
I have lived in a few apartment complexes in Lubbock, and the management at this place is by far the best. I would highly recommend this complex to anyone who is looking in Lubbock!
Jaime Styles
Nov 04, 2016
Tiffany and the office staff are incredibly nice and so helpful! Great place!
Justin Phillips
Nov 04, 2016
Karli Otankis
Nov 04, 2016
Alex Baker
Sep 05, 2016
JoshCrystal Hoelscher
Aug 19, 2016
Gateway is an amazing place to live! Not only do they have the best pool around they also have amazing staff and very clean and nice apartments. Very sad to leave these amazing apartments! Thank you for also adding the new dog park!
Karena Perea
Jul 28, 2016
Gateway has improved so much since I moved in August 2015. Under new management they do a great job of ensuring every resident's needs are met and really do care about their residents. Their staff is very friendly and helpful, great place to stay!
Osinachi Dimkpa
Jul 27, 2016
Darrius Simmons
Jul 14, 2016
I absolutely love living at gateway the office crew is extremely nice and always there if you need help with anything the apartment it self have a home feel to it
Jul 14, 2016
I have lived at Gateway for 3 years and absolutely love it! There have been some hiccups along the road but nothing major! The maintenance is awesome and very attentive to any issue I have. My A/C went out and the maintenence guy came out within 15 minutes, and it was 11 pm. The people in the office are always helpful and I love all of the upgrades that have been made there! This was my last semester at Tech, and I hate to leave. I really had a sense of community here! Great place to live!
Kristy McClintick
Jul 13, 2016
Abby Hernandez
Jul 11, 2016
Great place to live, best value student housing, and most of all friendly staff and residents!
Jose Villa
Jul 11, 2016
David Maldonado
Jul 07, 2016
Amazing place!
Anissa Guerrero
Jun 30, 2016
The new management at Gateway has really made the changes that this apartment complex needed. They really take care of their residents and put your needs first and do whatever they can to make your living arrangements the best they could be. They have definitely helped us out the most!!!
Lulu Arroyo
Jun 30, 2016
We moved in to Gateway in January and had such a terrible start. The previous management completed neglected us and lost all our paperwork and it was just grueling. But over the months we have come to really love this place. The new management has done a terrific job of accommodating our needs and making sure we are taken care of. They really have come a long way and are making sure you love where you live. Awesome staff!!
Rebekah Kissinger
Jun 30, 2016
Love this place! Never had any problems with noise and I am in nursing school so noise is a big deal to me! Any time I have ever had any maintenance issues, they have always taken care of it within 24 hours! Have been living here since July 2015 and have renewed for another year, couldn't be more happy!
Grant Collard
Jun 28, 2016
Awesome pools. They have done a ton of upgrades this year.
Callie Todd
May 09, 2016
I absolutely love living here! Any complications I've had with my apartment have been handled professionally, and I love how helpful and courteous the staff is! The amenities and the new dog park are amazing, and Gateway's pool is definitely the best in Lubbock! If you want to live somewhere with friendly staff and neighbors and where you'll get the most for your money, I definitely suggest Gateway at Lubbock!
Victoria Swindling
May 09, 2016
I love living here! Every time I experienced a problem, the staff was always helpful and made me feel taken care of. They always go above and beyond for their residents! I love the new dog park as well! I have made so many friends in this community! Overall, if you're wanting a friendly, helpful, and fun community, Gateway is the place for you!
May 04, 2016
it's fcking lit fam
Bryton Wood
Mar 12, 2016
Gateway at Lubbock has sick pools! The new management has also been awesome. They have been making some really cool changes.
Troy Symons
Feb 15, 2016
I just signed my lease and the process was seamless. As for me, paying 474/m is a far cry from the 890/m I'm paying here in Austin. It's always good to keep things in perspective, my friends...I was informed of new management and it appears like they're taking steps to compete with the higher end student housing models in the area.
Rey Diaz
Feb 09, 2016
I recently moved here, and am really happy with my apartment. I leased an apartment here since they are furnished and I like that they are on the Tech bus route. The pool looks awesome and I cant wait for warmer weather so that I can use it. The office staff is helpful and have been so awesome at making me feel at home. Definately gonna stay here a while.
Grant Collard
Feb 08, 2016
Bryton Wood
Feb 05, 2016
I have always loved living at Gateway but I have to say that the new management is already way better than the last two management companies this place went through. All I can say is Thank you!!
Tanner Thompson
Nov 16, 2015
Nice place to live! The apartments are ideally set up for roommates, and it works great! The neighbors are all respectful. I recommend living here.
Kyle Richards
Sep 02, 2015
A special thanks to the management and maintenance team. I was experiencing an A/C issue last week, and it was like 100 degrees out. When I left for class in the morning my apartment was already in the 80's, and when I returned in the afternoon the A/C was fixed! Thanks for quick response!
Michael Coffman
Sep 02, 2015
My girlfriend lives here and I love visiting her! I think next semester I am going to move here!
Grecia Garza
Sep 02, 2015
Michael Sugerman
Sep 02, 2015
Sarah Crickmore
Sep 02, 2015
Jesus Ochoa
Aug 23, 2015
I'll be first to say that I was very unhappy with the services here in the beginning, but little did we know about the behind the scenes trouble the Management team was having. So apparently the old team picked up and left leaving maintenance requests to pile on and on and with a new team having to be made from nothing there was a lot to be done. This was finally explained after a bunch of run a rounds and things at my apartment got better with due time. The new management does neat little things like have breakfast and lunch on certain days for residents, the pools great and the gym got a new look to it. Wifi could definitely get better, but it's all at a very fair and reasonable price. Staff at the office are always great to me.
Jul 24, 2015
I've been living at The Gateway for two years and it is by the far the cheapest and safest place to live in Lubbock. I recommend The Gateway to any college student!
Brandon Yoakum
Jun 11, 2015
Jun 10, 2015
Great place to live for the price you pay. Maintenance can be kind of slow, but he always gets around to fixing any problem. Great pool and indoor lounge room.
Akmal Tulanov
May 22, 2015
Yve's Saint Lurrent
May 20, 2015
Jordan M
Mar 30, 2015
Wifi is bad. It could be better but not a bad place to stay
Mar 30, 2015
Kinda dirty and maintenance doesn't always fix the problem but for the most part it's a nice community to live.
Cameron Miller
Feb 19, 2015
Out of all the student living housing options available in Lubbock, I feel like I am receiving the most for my money here at Gateway.
Feb 11, 2015
Out of all the student living housing options available in Lubbock, I feel like I am receiving the most for my money here at Gateway. I love my apartment layout!
Bren Da
Feb 11, 2015
After living at a few other complexes my first two years off campus, I can honestly say Gateway is the best of them. The staff is always willing to help with any concerns and I've had all my issues resolved swiftly. I plan to stay at Gateway throughout my graduate studies. The price is simply too great to pass up.
Nov 11, 2014
Great! I have lived here during the entire fall semester and I have been more than satisfied!
Katharyn Lunos
Oct 09, 2014
Casey Hitchcock
Oct 03, 2014
I really like the people and the surrounding area. On move-in there were some cleanliness issues, but once everything was fixed , we haven't had problems.
Reiberto Montiel
Oct 01, 2014
Great place but would give 5 stars if there was better maintenance on the pool and printer in office area has been out of ink every time I go there.
William Morris
Sep 25, 2014
Very happy with the complex and how well it is maintained. Our apartment has been greater than we could have imagined and the office staff has always been helpful. The only negative I can think of it is the hot tub being ice cold! Once that gets fixed this will be a 5 star review from me!
Heather Strawn
Sep 24, 2014
I Like living here! everyone is nice and friendly and i love the security aspect of it. I would for sure renew!
Matthew Graham
Sep 23, 2014
I've only been here about a month or so. But, everything has been nice! The staff are helpful, the apartment is nice for what I'm paying and it's close to campus!
Brittney Hagan
Sep 23, 2014
I have had minimal issues with Gateway. The bus stop is conveniently located, the staff is knowledgeable about the facility, and any maintenance issues have been answered.
Sep 23, 2014
Nice place to live if your a student at Tech. Its one of the better apartments to stay at for the cost. So far I have had no issues while staying here.
Aaron McAnally
Sep 23, 2014
The Gateway is a pretty good place to live. Almost nothing is wrong with my apartment, and the things that are are easily fixable. Maintenance is pretty on the ball about fixing any minor problems I might have around the apartment. Leases are relatively cheap, and the location is very convenient. All around a decent place to live.
Ashley Edling
Sep 16, 2014
Wouldn't want to live anywhere else. The staff is fantastic and always helpful.
Roxanne Martinez
Sep 10, 2014
Move in had a few problems with certain things like gate key not working, confusion of rent and promised promotional amenities that were not met or are taking too long to be met. Communication about community updates and general updates is almost nonexistent; I have to go to the office more frequently than I would like to find out issues about amenities and the grounds entirely. Except for one staff member, everyone is generally helpful. Overall it's a good community and the spaces in the apartment are very ideal and accommodating.
Hannah Russell-Neill
Aug 15, 2014
Michael Lindsey
Aug 05, 2014
Elizabeth Ureno
Aug 04, 2014
Great customer service overall. Property manager is attentive and responds to emails in a short period of time. Online site is easy to navigate.
Abigail Reid
Jun 30, 2014
Alot of people have been telling me about thi and it seems amazing but I wonder about the price. It seems like alot of money but it also seems awesome. This is one of my choices to live at in my college years:)
Stephanie Scheef Condron
Jun 14, 2014
Manda Cantu
May 28, 2014
Savanna Pickrell
May 23, 2014
I had friends that lived here about a year ago, and I was always really impressed with the property. I liked it so much that I have lived here the past year and now work here! It's a great place to live and would refer anyone to live here 🙂
Jaci Lynn Pickrell
May 23, 2014
My sister in law lives at Gateway and I always enjoying visiting. The gates are always closed and the property is really cleaned compared to the other properties in Lubbock! I would refer any of my friends to live here!! Great Place!
Lyndal Jones
May 23, 2014
Lived here for 4 years and have worked here for almost 6! Such a wonderful place to live and work! Love my residents and my ACH family! 🙂
Trey Guadarrama
May 19, 2014
Great for student living.
Gerardo Moreno
May 17, 2014
Love how simple it is to live here. I just pay rent and after that I'm worry free. The fitness place is awesome. I love having a gate clicker. The staff is always nice!
Alex Whyte
Mar 29, 2014
Amazing apartments!
Jacquelyn Glockner
Mar 11, 2014
Travis Bonner
Mar 08, 2014
razatta ralph
Feb 13, 2014
nathan willows
Feb 06, 2014
Its a great place to live, maintenance request are fixed quickly and all the facilities are nice. The staff in the front office are always friendly and willing to help out however they can.
Jan 16, 2014
I moved into Gateway August 2012 and have already renewed my lease for August 2014-August 2015 just because I enjoy living here. My apartment was and still is in great condition, as well as all of my appliances, which were fairly new. My carpet was brand new when I moved in. The only thing that needed some updating was the couch & chair. My ice maker and a part in my washer are the only things I've had to report being broken to maintenance so far living here, and they are very quick to respond, even if it's a light bulb replacement. After a work order form is filed online, they show up either that day or the next and had everything fixed in 30 minutes. Another thing, the Gateway's crew does a good job of keeping the property clean. I've been to some of my friends' apartment complexes and that's one thing I'm disgusted with is seeing trash and pet poo everywhere, especially if it's left there 4 days or more. The staff has always been friendly and helpful. The study/tanning/game room area is nice and neat. The workout room is a pretty good size compared to others I've seen and most of the equipment is fairly new. I love the design and layout of the pool and the only downside to it is that it's not always clean, especially since there's a dust storm here at least once a week. The one thing I forgot to mention earlier is the safety of gateway; it's basically what attracted my parents to it at first when we were searching around for apartments back in 2012. My parents like gated apartments and Gateway is one of them. Gateway is pretty well lit up at night too around the parking lot and in the hallways between each apartment. The only thing I wish was different - and I'm sure most people would - is my rent price. I signed my lease late in July, so their rates were pretty much at their highest. I paid $564 my first year, waited almost till the last minute to renew again so my rates went up (like every other student apartment complex does) and am paying $574 this year. Like I said earlier, I renewed once more but sooner this time, and starting in August 2014 I'll be paying $517, so that's a little better. Others may not say the same, but my experience at Gateway has been great so far.
Nick Dupuis
Dec 05, 2013
Carlos Favela
Nov 23, 2013
Michael Nguyen
Nov 18, 2013
The Gateway at Lubbock has great prices compared to any other furnished apartments around Lubbock. They have a wonderful, friendly staff, and incomparable amenities!
Emily Nielsen
Oct 29, 2013
Sabrina Mechelé Moses
Oct 25, 2013
Meera Gudavalli
Oct 18, 2013
The staff is friendly and helpful. The free printing is great for medical school. The pool is beautiful. Maintenance is prompt. It is a quiet complex, great for studying.
marshal wigwe
Oct 17, 2013
The arrangement of the room, the friendly workers, the timely nature of requests for maintenance. Also, swimming pool is nice and usually well taken care of. Packages are well organized too.
Joe Mars
Oct 17, 2013
Its quiet and nice, the very best like no one very was.
Oct 17, 2013
Gateway at lubbock if a great place to live. I've been living here for almost a year and a half and I still love it. Want a great affordable place to live Gateway at Lubbock is your place
William Pellowski
Oct 17, 2013
Gateway has been a rewarding place to live, their maintenance staff is unbelievable. Everyone who works in the office is patient and understanding with your problems. Very laid back community with a plentiful amount of good people.
Madeline Montes
Sep 16, 2013
Jeremy Anderson
Sep 08, 2013
Mark Henry Eslick
Aug 25, 2013
Ryan Kavanaugh
Aug 20, 2013
Bobby Barrera
Aug 10, 2013
Hunter Birdsong
Jul 31, 2013
Harroll Willett
Jul 20, 2013
Enna Post-Gutierrez
Jul 05, 2013
Kathleen Moore
May 29, 2013
May 05, 2012
First apartment complex I've ever lived in. The front office people are ok, never got any bad vibes from them. The power has gone out once or twice, but never more than a few minutes. Not that many parties, which is pretty nice (for me). The pool here is not too bad and never really packed with people, most people go to the Republic. The price is pretty affordable as well. Only thing I don't like is how far it is from campus, which I knew before I signed the lease. I take the bus as well, it comes every 13 minutes and takes about 25 minutes to get to the school. This isn't too bad because it allows me time to study before class and brush up on material. I'll write another review after I move out in case I get charged for anything ridiculous. The gate also works, which is nice. Sometimes drunk people knock it off the hinges but it's usually fixed within 24 hours. I live on the 3rd floor and I feel pretty safe here. Never really heard of any crime occurring here. Washer/dryer in every unit is great too.
Apr 11, 2012
Gateway has been a good apartment complex for me this past year. Yes, it is a student community, and there are parties and drunks, but very infrequently (especial compared to the retreat/ republic. Electricity bills aren't too high if you keep the temperature reasonable, the furniture is comfortable and durable, and the bus is super convenient. There are two stops for the front and back of the complex, which I have not seen elsewhere."Selling features" of gateway are the individual leases, separate bathrooms, tile floor, and black appliances. I recommend a 1st floor room for ease of moving in, tacking out trash, etc. The downsides are that the apartment complex is old, the play pool is small and dated, and all the bedrooms have exterior walls (which can be noisy). All of the normal student housing features are here, but the location makes it less exploitative than the others. With the bus, the distance was never an issue. Roommate match worked for me.
Sep 22, 2011
I've been living in Gateway for about two months now, and so far it's been quite friendly. The staff has been helpful with any questions I have. Parking is to be expected in an apartment complex, usually I can find a decent spot at any hour. Rent for a furnished apartment is one of the cheapest. They are also the only one with a 10-month lease, which is an extra $50 dollars a month. My only complaint would be that the three bedroom apartments have less counter-space than the one bedroom. I thoroughly enjoy living here so far and would recommend this complex to anyone looking.
Ross Williams
Aug 28, 2011
lived there for 2 years. It was alright. Its your typical student living apartment. The management is pretty good, and the maintenance crew is really on top of their game. Price i guess is about average for what you're going to get around lbk. If you can afford something nicer, i'd say do it, but if you're looking for the individual lease, student living apartment, i think this is one of the best "value" places. Kind of a happy medium between price and quality.
Aug 17, 2011
Wow I was shocked to even see a negative review on Gateway. This is my daughter's third year living here. I have nothing but good things to say about Gateway! My daughter sub-let at Raider's Pass the summer after her Freshman year. It was the worst experience I have ever had dealing with a business. I have visited my daughter many times, if maintenance was needed for any reason they were they within five minutes! The staff is always friendly and helpful! I would highly recommend this complex! Keep up the good work Gateway!!!
Oct 19, 2010
I lived at the Gateway for 2 years (August 2008-July 2010). I lived in a two bedroom on the second floor at the back of the complex. The model didn't look like the actual apartment... the furnishings in the model are brand new and updated regularly and the ones in the actual aparment are outdated... we just put a slip cover over ours! Cons: the air conditioners are extremely noisy and so are the poeple playing basketball at all hours of the night! We could never figure out how the gate worked, so anytime we had guests, we had to go to the gate and use our clicker to let them in. Upstairs neighbors sounded like they were stomping through their apartment all the time! Pros: Any maintenance requests that we had (minimal requests--Dryer nob broke, garbage disposal stopped working, AC froze)were done PROMPTLY. I paid for covered parking space and never had a problem with anyone else parking in my spot. Maintenance ALWAYS knocked and verified themselves before entering--Very friendly. Bus route to campus (Usually faster than driving your own car to campus and having to park in Commuter North/West as bus runs every 10-20 minutes) I moved out because I was graduating and didn't know where I was going to have a job at, I would definitly recommend this place to a friend!
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